Leonbergers in Bursztynówka

Leonbergers are majestic and beautiful dogs. They are distinguished not only by their beauty, but also by their gentle and friendly nature. Leonberger lovers are found around the world, and they often belong to Leo clubs.
Leonberger is a giant dog breeds. Name of Baden-Württemberg, Germany breed originated in the city LEONBERG. According to legend, it raised Leonberger as a “”symbolic dog”” tradition of a lion in a shield from the surface of the city. Dogs dog show in the world, but shows such as Crufts, in the Working Group.

Mountain Dog is a generous produce double layer; Leonberger is a balanced body, intermediate substrate, and the presence of an exciting, big muscles, smart dog. Head of the expected black mask decorated intelligence surprisingly, self-esteem, and the unique expression of the race friendly. It is true that complements the family dog, search and rescue at the root of the first pieces (especially water), surprisingly agile Leonberger is with power and elegance carry movement, sound and control. Dimorphic race has a strong man or a woman elegant Leonberger sex determination once, and.

Balanced in proportion to the dog with broad and deep head size that the length of the skull is almost equal to the length of the muzzle. As the lids close fitting, eyes, depending on the preparation of a slight oblique of the skull. Dark brown eyes, a medium-sized, almond-shaped. Forms sufficient to release the right, fleshy, and pendant will look inside the skull near the end of the peak of the equipment angle ear mouth ears. High ears Leonberger from the top of the middle of the eye and the skull to the top level of his skull. A little more than a level that does not bite and jaw tightness effect is usually the ideal maintains a strong and competent Leonberger full dental scissors bite.

Leonberger, both in defining the requirements and characteristics of the races to do the job is complemented by short hair, both on the snout and limbs are a double layer of water on your body. Layer ,, a long prolific foreign, relatively simple, fit, durability and lie down. It represents a mature male Leonberger on different galgieul. Similarly, tail pants are provided well furnished and harmony in the mixed base. Climate is the inner layer is soft and dense allowed. Leonberger separately in neatening foot seems appropriate.

Lion multilayer color to include all combinations of yellow, red, reddish brown, sandy allowed. Nose skin, pads and clutch lips must always be black. Defective colors are black, white, brown, brown nose and brown skin black or silver any brown eyes. A small piece of white on the chest and toes permitted.

Above all, the family dog ​​Leonberger temperament is one of the most important features and highlights. Leonberger confidence socially well-trained, sensitive to noise, and the family consists of obedience to a good passer for children, friendly, self mandatory when the family and the protection of property – training. , A strong and loyal, intelligent, playful, friendly, and they can easily adapt to different environments, including shooting everywhere and other dogs easily enter. Adequate control and training of early socialization with a large group is essential. We recommend that you make sure your leonberger is stimulated when you’re not home. One thing we’ve found helpful is keeping them in a top rated dog playpen and giving them the best automatic fetch machine to play with. This keeps them stimulated and tires them out! Find more great dog products for Leonbergers at DogProductPicker.com.

Strong, healthy dogs and generally leonbergers. Many large destructive strains of hip deformities mainly effective many breeders control trying to reduce Delete samples in the abnormal genetic risk assessment by using animal bones Leonbergers bone X-ray screen Foundation / due to joint problems. 20 years can choose to breed dogs only certified members raises six chapters of three generations are free to belong Leonberger Club of America issued a descent from the Leonberger breed in the United States linked to various aspects of the German program was born hip dysplasia time. Possible results, and the occurrence of the types of hip joint deformities by about 10% to more than 60% in 20 years classification OFA “”good”” occurs in the hips. It is likely that about 13% of the current incidence of hip dysplasia in Leonbergers. Leonberger Club of America, have already joined the house of the American Kennel Club in 2010, and the strict rules of education before they are no longer needed all Leonbergers.

It is common, but not in the development of a number of diseases ranging from mild effect on inheritance and / or Leonbergers destroyed. You can develop inheritance Leonbergers and / or heart disease, joint deformities thigh, inherited from the Leonberger attack / neuropathy, bone, vascular from the slaughterhouse ill, allergies, digestive disorders, cataracts, eyelid / eyelid eyelid curl outside, progressive retinal atrophy of the eye, fistula around the anus, a disorder of the thyroid gland. Although more sensitive to anesthesia compared with another dog breeds Leonberger mostly continue the rumors are true. Small races to calculate the same effect Leonbergers will require less per pound of sedatives as one of the largest other breeds. Health Foundation Leonberger, which is a single task now bone, vascular, and focuses on neuropathy Leonberger, a private non-profit organization supporting leading researchers seeking to identify genetic markers for serious diseases affecting the race.